Email & Internet Marketing

Email & Internet Marketing

DAI Digital Advertising and Marketing Campaign Report

Welcome to the email and Internet Marketing World of DAI.

DAI Digital Advertising and Broadcasting email Technology

Doing email marketing correctly is more than just science - it's an art. A successful campaign requires the very best technology with an I.T Administrator who knows exactly how each piece fits together.

Below you can find a list of some of our Technology Features and our Best Practices
Mail merging for personalized subject lines, greetings and copy.
Automated triggers that send emails based on a pre-designated set of parameters. A thank you letter or survey sent 7 days after a sale are examples of triggers.
Testing. When you have two compelling message ideas, send both to a small group to test results. Send the best message to those remaining!
Segmentation. The people on your list are not all the same - don't speak to them like they are. Build segments within your list for more targeted messages.
Reporting. Want to know how many people opened or clicked your email, or completed a survey or purchase? We can provide that.

DAI Digital Advertising and Marketing Campaign Report

DAI Digital Advertising and Marketing Campaign Reports

Detailed/Real-time Reporting
Individual Tracking/Profiling
Message-based Reports
Filter-based Reports
Open and Click-through Tracking and Histograms
Bounces, Unsubscribe, Spam Complaints
List-based Reports on Subscribes/Unsubscribe's
Performance Indicators, by Demographics
Reports by Email
Benchmarking Performance, List and Message Indexes
Delivery Monitoring
Real-time ISP Status
Web Site/Purchase Tracking upon request

Personalization and Segmentation

Profile-based Segmentation Filters
Email Merge/Personalization
Activity- and Event-based Triggers
Customizable and Personalized Email Footers Updated
Trigger emails from Forms/Surveys
Easily edit Form Text, font type and siz

Message Creation

Workflow Task Management
Dynamic Content Insertion
Split and Random Group Testing
Delivery via RSS and email
Spam Content Checker
HTML/Plain Text Formats
Content Library
CAN-SPAM/Automatic Footer Message
Subscriber Settings
Message Scheduling Controls
Insert Personalization Tags
Select Segmentation Filters
List Management
List Replace and Append
Message Frequency Limiter
Automatic Unsubscribe Confirmation Message
Reply/Unsubscribe Handling
Bounce Retry/Processing
Control Bounce Categories
Opt-in Forms
Single or Double Opt-in Process
List Integration/Synchronization
Rent Records by Data Field, Filter and List Status
Suppression List