Analytical Research

Analytical Research By Business Analytics Software

Business Analysis – Helpful For Increasing Business

Research data is available to our clients.

Our team of experienced professionals can accurately determine statistics and strategies to maximise our client’s campaigns.

With Digital Advertising International’s Customer Reporting Panel, our clients can see the results of their campaign in real time and you have immediate access to insight from DAI Stats.

Today’s Digital Advertising is perfectly suited to the way small, medium & large businesses have always operated. It’s personal, immediate and easily tailored to what makes you unique and above all, it’s practical.

 Here are five reasons why Digital Advertising can work for your business:

1. It’s effective. It penetrates and it provides you feedback that no other form of advertising can.
2. It’s easy to send out. Professional quality Digital Advertising campaigns are now a do-it-yourself project or DAI can handle it all for you.
3. Quick and fullfils the need to boost revenue right away?
Digital Advertising allows you to broadcast to everyone at Internet speed. Initial campaign response generally occurs within 48 hours of launch.
4. Grows Relationships. Digital Advertising personalises your deals and it’s an efficient way to make customers feel important.                            If a customer feels appreciated and finds value in your message, you gain their loyalty while offering the perfect word-of-mouth opportunity. New Customers are automatically added to your News Letters.
5. Measurable. A great advantage of Digital Advertising is that everything can be tracked. From the moment you start your campaign you can see how many people opened it, clicked on certain links, and forwarded it to others and much more!