Outsourcing Email Broadcasting and Subscriber List Management

Why should you use Outsourcing?
Email marketing is a highly cost-effective means of generating new revenues, building brand awareness and creating excellent customer service. It is inherently accountable and more measurable than most other forms of marketing so benefits can be demonstrated in tangible terms.
We specialise in fully managed email marketing services from conception to execution. Our experts handle every aspect of your campaign from design, data and testing, to sending and reporting.
If you need the expertise and efficiency inherent in a well executed outsourced solution then take a look at what you get with our managed email marketing service.
Outsourcing can improve your quality of life!
Having the resource, time, and expertise to conceive, build, and send email campaigns successfully is not always a given ability, neither is managing your subscribers List. If you are pulled every which way running your company or managing your marketing then you could probably do with some help.
In such circumstance you are faced with a choice. If you want to enjoy the returns widely enjoyed by companies that do email marketing well, do you hire in an experienced employee or outsource to a proven expert?
Outsourced Email Marketing: choosing the right partner
With outsourced email marketing, as with most things in business, the more prepared you are the more likely you are to succeed. To maximise the benefits of a managed email campaign, get key aspects in place before you decide who your preferred outsourced email partner might be. Segmentation, relevancy and list/data quality are key aspects to consider. Successful email campaign management hinges on:
• finding customers
• getting them to Opt-in
• and keeping them Opted-in after that. Having a strategy and process for achieving this is important.
What do you want to achieve with an outsourced email partner?
Increased sales, greater brand awareness, more page impressions on your website and increased interaction with your market. If you have an ROI in mind, this is the time to define it and also to decide how you will measure it.
How you build your email list is not without challenges. Some organisations choose to buy data, but this can be very risky. It is far better to build your own subscriber list - most organisations should start with their existing customer base, however a good email agency will help you with this and provide additional appended lists. Use your social media channels to promote the benefits of Opting in to your email communications and use referral schemes as well as your offline activities (for example, publicising your eNewsletter on brochures, postcards and advertisements).
Define your managed email strategy
If you are outsourcing, it will help your selected agency clearly understand your aims and creates a great basis for feedback where they might add additional value. Data Management - improving your results
DAI as a data controller help our clients stay safely within the framework protecting their email marketing data.
We continually purge your database
• Pre-campaign tests to extract known hard bounces
• Removal of redundant domains
• Suppress any duplications
• Automatically suppress all unsubscribes and hard bounces
• Manage your soft bounces
• Extract any known ISP complainants
We enhance your database
• Upload your key data fields making analysis more meaningful
• Arrange your data into address books for targeting
• Collect behavioural data based on recipient actions
• Use segmentation to drive triggered campaigns
• Work with you to devise an opt-in strategy to grow your database
• Run surveys logging response in additional data fields
Consider our managed email marketing campaign services
We are email marketing experts specialising in B2B communication solutions that are tailored to every client's specific needs. We will manage your data, set up any segmentation and set up your creative based on template and copy provided. We will check and name all of your links, test across all major email clients and spam filters, send and report back to you in detail. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with managed email marketing campaigns email us to set up a Free Consultation now.