Email marketing in your business today


Marketing: Email marketing since inception has been a very cost effective and valuable marketing tool that has been used successfully by many businesses and organisations due to its flexibility.

It can be tailored to targeted audiences by any number of specifics. B2B, B2C, industry, professions, trades, income, net worth, demographically and many other facets. 
Email marketing exists in many forms from subscriptions, surveys, event promotions, educational emails, regular e-newsletters by business and social clubs through to charities and fundraisers. In all forms of commerce, email marketing outshines other forms of advertising and promotion.
Email marketing emerged when the internet became really popular in the early 1990s and has grown and continues to grow significantly ever since.

“Researchers estimate that United States firms alone (not including Small Business) spent US $1.51 billion on email marketing in 2011 and will grow to $2.468 billion in 2016”This is advertising alone. Quoted by Wikipedia. 
Email is a much Bigger Market than that as many people and entities send Emails. Promoting their Business, Promoting their Brands, Promoting their Company, Referring Friends, send contact to social networks plus many more are other than direct advertising. And note these figures above don’t include spam, so one can see how big the market really is.
Its estimated that Today, some 3 Billion are sent Daily!
Recent surveys with B2B and B2C marketers alike show the belief that the benefits of email marketing are on a par with social media, such as the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
While social media grows, so does email marketing as today they are interlinked.
To set email marketing in context it is interesting to look at its history and who invented it before we move on to ways to capitalize on this wonderful medium.
History: In 1968, a company called Bolt Berenak and Newman was hired by the US Department of Defense to create a way for military and education facilities to communicate with each other. They developed the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, which allowed users to leave messages for each other that they would see when they logged into the network. Initially, they were only able to leave messages using the same machine, just like leaving a note on a desk only requiring machinery.
Ray Tomlinson , an engineer is credited with sending the first email between two different machines. Tomlinson's assignment was to make the original ARPAN application do more. He had been working on a project that would allow ARPAN users to send files to other users and realized it would also be perfect for sending messages.
We still use the traditional form of email address he created, which has the user name, then @, and then the host. Within two years of this innovation, nearly three-quarters of all traffic on the ARPAN network was email.

It wasn’t commercially available until 1988 and took until the 1990’s for the public to enjoy widespread use of email. Eudora was one of the first email readers and was extremely popular until about 1994, when Internet Explorer and Netscape began to offer email programs that came free with their browsers.
Hundreds of millions of people today use email and it is constantly evolving. It is a great way to communicate with coworkers, friends, family, and much more. Its applications are endless.
 Not only does it provide entertainment and communication between individuals, it is one of the best tools for business we have today.

How to harness the power of email:
One of the best ways to harness the power of email is through email marketing.
An email marketing campaign however, needs to be implemented professionally in order to succeed. The challenge is how to how to avoid pitfalls, achieve best practise, and how to devise a strategy that will work for your business.

For your email marketing to be effective, it needs to be in¬tegrated with your overall marketing strategy, be inventive, attractive, and easy to read and act upon.
We will provide you with the confidence, knowledge and assistance to implement an effective campaign taking into account recent trends, challenges and their solutions. We will also advise on ROI you should expect from a successful campaign.

• Product or Service
• Audience
• Content
• Mailing lists
• Broadcasting
• Analytics

If you are like most businesses, your marketing needs help. You may discover that "doing marketing right" is not an easy proposition especially when you have about a thousand other things to attend to.
Maybe you've tried the do-it-yourself route and realize that just like trying to be your own lawyer, accountant or hair stylist - the large risks outweigh the "cost savings." When your brand, your time, and your sanity are valuable, you will find working with our email marketing agency a huge relief.
Finally, you can get an affordable, world-class email marketing solution that you and your business deserve. So, step back from the proverbial ledge, slap a big smile on your face and contact us for a discussion about making your email, marketing and generation leads. 
From the Start its important Email Marketing is Done Right
If you wish to improve marketing - congratulations on a great decision. Email Marketing has the number one ROI of any form of advertising - if it's done right. Email Broadcasts when targeted will assist your businesses, just like yours we get the most from email marketing and broadcasting by providing you our hard-earned expertise.
Today's over-emailed recipients will not respond to your average, everyday campaign - even though they might love your business. It takes a savvy strategy, top-notch technology, ingenious ideas, and dazzling designs to rise above the din of the inbox.
We customize a campaign for each of our clients and we will actually talk to you, try to understand you, and do everything in our means to promote your success. If you want to be one of a million nobody customers - sorry, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Rules of DAI Advertising and Broadcasting

  • Value Adding to attain best Rate of Return
  • Customized HTML newsletters for each client.
  • Emails tested with 20+ email clients: AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, Outlook, Gmail etc.
  • Deliver emails below the ISP’s bulk mail threshold for Messages per Hour.
  • Less is more. Marketing through Email Advertising and Broadcasting works.
  • The number one job of your website is to collect contacts.
  • Make it easy and put a sign-up on the front page - the right way!


  •  Build HTML email for both browser based email clients.
  •  Consider the preview pane – make sure the message gets across even for those skimming their inbox.
  •  SPAM Check all messages for key words that might set off SPAM filters.
  •  Send a text based back up message that gets automatically delivered for users that don’t accept HTML.
  •  Automate the synching of client’s database with the email system for best results.
  •  Advise clients on the 20+ ways to build their email list.
  •  Avoid nesting tables, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Scripts, Flash, etc. that are commonly used in web pages, but not compatible with email.
  •  Always use ALT tags for every image, and a compatible background color for better presentation when images are not loaded.
  •  Maintain list hygiene at all times.
  •  Validate every link before any email is sent, and set all links to open in new tabs or windows.
  •  Make sure the welcome letter accurately depicts the newsletter.
  •  Request the right amount of information from sign ups to allow for targeted and relevant messaging without scaring them away.
  •  Use a double opt-in process, or imbedded Captcha devices on web forms to eliminate spambot sign ups.
  •  Closely examine the client’s business process and look for great “Triggered Message” opportunities.
  •  Take any SPAM complaints seriously and instantly take action.
  •  Schedule emails to be sent out on the right day and time – according to the client’s readership.
  •  Don’t pre-check the sign up box on order forms – let people add themselves for higher deliverability, lower spam complaints, and to build trust.
  • Test, Test, Test.

Use sure-fire systems and processes to eliminate mistakes.
Automated triggers that send emails based on a pre-designated set of parameters. A thank you letter or survey sent 7 days after a sale are examples of triggers.
Testing. When you have two compelling message ideas, send both to a small group to test results. Send the best message to those remaining!
The above are just a subset of all the Rules of DAI Digital Advertising and Broadcasting. These practices change constantly which is why having us as a partner pays dividends.